Are there any fees to download the game? Are there items for sale?
Oddbot Workshop is completely free.
How do I download the game?
For iOS users, Oddbot Workshop may be downloaded either through the App Store on your device or by downloading the game through iTunes on a computer and uploading it to your phone through a USB cable.
For Android users, the game may be downloaded through Google Play.
What devices are supported by Oddbot Workshop?
iOS: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd Generation or Later), and all iPad models
Android: Any smartphone or tablet preloaded with Android OS 2.1 (?clair) or later
I've never made a robot before, can I still play?
Of course! We welcome all players regardless of robot building experience.
I can't seem to find more robot designs. What should I do?
The robots you build are determined by the materials you build them from. Try combining new materials together.
I can't seem to make money. What should I do?
Have you looked at the Robot Designs Page? This page includes the amount of money you'll receive for each robot type as well as the materials needed to build it. Find a robot that can be sold for lots of money, put the necessary materials into the machine, and then build and sell that robot to make money quickly.
Note that money doesn't come from building robots--you'll only receive money once your robots have shipped. Be sure to ship off your robots regularly.
Keyli's really cute! Is there a way to mass produce her?
Keyli is unfortunately not available for mass production. We apologize for the inconvenience.
How do I remember all the material combinations I've tried?
If you upgrade your Robot Builder to the highest grade, you'll unlock a Robot Sensor which will notify you when you've found the right combination of materials for an undiscovered robot.